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Learn Waterskiing

Some children try skiing at about 3 years of age and adults can easily still learn when they are well over 60 years.

Remember the saying that you are never to old to learn.


Step 1

Grab the towline firmly and place it between your skis. Hold your arms out straight with a palm-down grip. Young children learning can use shorter ropes about 45 to 50 ft. and the driver should pull at a slower speed than they would with a heavier adult.

Step 2

Position your skis near vertically with the front tips sticking out of the water in front of you.

Step 3

Bend your knees and straighten your back. Put your arms outside your knees to help hold your legs together when coming up. The back of your skis should be under your body, as if you're squatting on the skis.

Step 4

Signal the driver of the boat that you're ready to go. Shout hit it or go, or just bob your head.

Step 5

Keep your skis in front of you and your arms straight, back straight, looking at the boat and as the boat accelerates do not try to lift yourself out but wait and let the boat pull you out. Coming out of the water may be difficult at first, but if first you don't succeed try try again.

Step 6

When up on the water hold the towline with arms still straight with legs bent slightly and with your head and shoulders slightly forward. Keep watching the boat and don't look down. You may want to learn the standard hand signals for requests such as speed changes and turns.

Step 7

To try turning to the side by leaning on one ski and pushing down on the other ski and you will go to the one side. Keep your knees bent when you go over the boat's wake so you don't fall.

Step 8

Stop by signaling the boat. Don't let go of the towline but wait until the boat slows and you will sink into the water.

Step 9

You can now water ski so go out and enjoy yourself and aim towards skiing on a slalom ski.