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Ski Poles 63mm. Alloy PRO-TRAINER

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Product Description

Alloy 63mm. diam. solid core ski poles.

This pole has been rated as the best of the best of free standing solid core ski poles.

The pole is normally free standing and with a underfloor mount to which it is constructed with a 63mm. + hole in the middle for the pole to fit into.

Precision Marine can supply a stainless steel adjustable under floor mount to suit at a extra cost of $360.00 plus freight.



63mm. aluminium, anodized black


Ski pole is normally fixed forward of where a mid mounted engine cover would be.

Measurements required are the distance from underneath floor down to bottom of the hull.
The distance between engine bearers.

Custom ski pole lengths available on request.

Swivel top on pole ( prevents rope burn).

Side mounted training bars can be mounted off these ski poles if required.

Freight Australia wide.