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Testpilot Holeshot Kneeboard

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Product Description

Testpilot Holeshot Kneeboard

The Holeshot, a twin tip version of the worx gives you the best of both worlds. The main feature of the holeshot, is the Smooth Hull flanked by minor V channels, these features give the rider an unsurpassed ability to set the direction without washouts. Other features include a removable aqua hook perfect for those unstable learners, while the twin tip design lets you rip it up, forwards and backwards.


• Roto Mould Design

• Twin Tip Design

• Wide profile

• Removable Aqua hook

• 2 Piece EVA Pad

• 3” Neo lined padded knee strap

• Full length channels

• In Moulded fins

• Great for Beginners / Intermediate