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INFO.On Nylon Ropes

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Product Description

Nylon Ropes

We stock many fibre rope and man-made rope products here alongside our range of nylon ropes,
One of our most popular products are our nylon ropes. We are able to supply this equipment in various forms, diameters and lengths.
Please find all of the information that you need below.

3 strand nylon rope white

This is a very strong rope and soft to touch with good stretch qualities as well as being abrasion and UV resistant, making it a good choice for mooring rope and during other sea-faring applications.
We stock a medium lay grade of nylon which is more suited for use with anchor winches.


What is nylon?

Nylon ropes are one of the strongest types of rope.
Nylon is a type of synthetic polymer which has a thermoplastic and silky nature.
It was first manufactured back in 1935, and has since grown to become one of the most common and widely used plastics in the world.

It has been produced using super-heated chemicals which leave molten nylon behind.
By forcing this molten through a spinneret, the molten will harden into strands and fibres.
These, in turn, are used to create the nylon rope.

Nylon rope is a man-made product, and so possesses many qualities that natural fibre rope does not.
It is a lightweight piece of equipment, and yet loses nothing in terms of strength and toughness. It possesses elastic and stretch qualities, and so can absorb a high shock load.

It also offers great resistance to UV light, chemicals, and mildews.
These qualities make it a perfect solution for use outdoors, while its strong nature means that it is more than capable of working with any task that it is applied to.

This equipment constructed from nylon will also return to its normal shape when it has been detached from the load that it is working with.
Thanks to this, and all of the above, nylon rope tends to outlive almost all other forms of rope.

This equipment has many uses.
Thanks to its shock-absorbing qualities, it is a popular tool for lifting and lowering tasks, as well as the towing of heavy loads, such as for boat towing. It enjoys heavy usage within the marine industry.


Benefits of Nylon Rope

Buying nylon rope is sensible if you need a man made fastening that can stretch and flex to a certain degree. While polypropylene rope is much more rigid, the elasticity of nylon rope means that it has quite a bit more give to it. It is used for commercial lifting applications in combination with pulleys and hoists.
Because it stretches, it is less likely to break than polyester rope.
Resilience of Nylon Rope

Like other synthetic materials, nylon rope is also able to resist UV rays, chemicals, rot and the other adverse environmental effects that can quickly compromise natural fibre ropes.
It is also innately resistant to abrasion, so it can move smoothly over fixtures and fittings without creating friction or suffering wear and tear over time.
The main issue to note is that it will absorb liquids and will be less sturdy when wet than some of the other fibre ropes.
Man-made or fibre rope?

Nylon is a synthetic rope, and is therefore man-made.
Natural products still possess many great qualities, such as offering better grip for users, and being more suited to lighter applications. It is also a more environmentally-friendly piece of equipment.

It’s not such a case of either rope being better than the other, but more that they possess differing qualities suitable to different applications.
We can supply white 3 strand nylon rope and braid on brain nylon rope. We have a range of rope diameters to choose from which are available in virtually any length from a full coil which holds 100 meters.

If you require a different type of nylon that is not YET listed here then please contact us, we can usually help!