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Winch Rope Offroad

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Product Description

Premium grade winch rope to suit all brands and types of 4x4 styled winches.

WHITTAM ROPES from Aust, leading rope manufacturer.

Whittam Ropes has been manufacturing ropes and cords since 1982.

Also suited for many application where size and durability is paramount.

10mm.x 30mts.- 9,000kg breaking strain - $202.50
10mm.x 40mts.- 9,000kg breaking strain - $270.00
11mm x 26mts, - 11,000 kg. breaking strain $253.50
11mm x 35mts, - 11,000 kg. breaking strain $341.25
11mm x 45mts, - 11,000 kg. breaking strain $434.75
11mm x 50mts, - 11,000 kg. breaking strain $487.50
12mm x 45mts. - 13,000kg. breaking strain $540.00


AUZ12 Winch Ropes

-100 % 12 Plait UMWPE fibres with Polyurethane coating.
-10mm x 30m suits most low mount winches
-10mm x 40m suits standard hi mount winches
-11mm x 26m suits most low mount winches
-11mm x 35m suits standard high mount winches
-11m x 45m suits 76mm wider than standard hi mount winch
-12mm x 45m suits 76mm wider and reduced centre diameter hi mount winch

-Bright covered soft eye splice for high visibility and protection of the splice.

-Rope Specs:
-Melting point – 150°C
-Specific Gravity – 0.97 (floats)
-Water absorption – none
-UV Resistance – Good

-Maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel cable
-Lowest elongation
-Longer life and easy handling
-Good abrasion resistance
-Non-kinking and non-rotational
-Easy to splice


10mm. 9,000 APPROX BREAK(KGS) Colour-All
11mm. 11,000 APPROX BREAK(KGS) Grey Only
12mm. 13,000 APPROX BREAK(KGS) Grey Only

Available Colours