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Sarca Excel Galvanised Anchors

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Product Description

Price listing for the #1 Sarca.
Other sizes available.

Explaining the Excel Leading Concept

When the Excel was launched it was a breath of fresh air for those that wanted a new generation anchor without a roll bar, the Excel has great aesthetics and will enhance the bow of any boat, unlike roll bar designs the Excel will fit just about any anchor housing arrangement—pull pit and bow roller designs, the Excel caters for boats from the smallest run a bout to large ocean going work boats, yachts and trawlers.

When comparing the Sarca Excel to other anchor designs it is traditional in looks only, when it comes to performance there is no comparison.


Features of the SARCA Anchors
- Tangle resistant.
- Low centre of gravity self rights and keeps the toe hunting continuously to take advantage of the ocean floor.
- Full range of anchors have been tested for super high holding power certification.
- Unrivaled Holding Power.

The Sarca Excel is a certified Super High Holding Power anchor, it has a cast filled ballast to ensure self righting, it is a new design of 70 percent convex, 30 percent concave, part of this concave being the cutting edges.

Excel is not a plough anchor there are no plough sheers, in their place is what are called single plain concave flukes, this being the greater part of its concave arrangement, rather than plough the substrate this new fluke arrangement is designed to compress, then directs the material-substrate over the rear of the Excel forcing itself deeper as more load is applied.

Comparison chart for our range of Super SARCA Anchors
Product Name Boat Length (m) Weight (kg)
Super SARCA Anchor No 1--- 3.8 - 4.5 4.0kg
Super SARCA Anchor No 2--- 4.5 - 6.0 6.0kg
Super SARCA Anchor No 3--- 6.0 - 7.5 9.0kg
Super SARCA Anchor No 4--- 7.5 - 9.0 13.5kg

Sarca Excel No 1 Galvanised Anchor 17 lb - 7.5 kg - Suits Most Boats up to 5 Metres SP4433 (Sarca Excel 1)
Online Price:POA

Sarca Excel No 2 Galvanised Anchor 20 lb - 9.5 kg - Suits Most Boats 5-7 Metres SP4434 (Sarca Excel 2)
Online Price: POA.

Sarca Excel No 3 Galvanised Anchor 26 lb - 12.5kg - Suits Most Boats 7-10 Metres SP4435 (Sarca Excel 3)
Online Price: POA.

Sarca Excel No 4 Galvanised Anchor 37 lb - 16 kg - Suits Most Boats 10-12 Metres SP4436 (Sarca Excel 4)
Online Price: POA
Super Sarca Anchor No 2 - 6Kg Galvanised - Suits Most Boats 4.5-6M - 1.5 Tons SP4059 (Super Sarca 2)
Online Price: POA

Super Sarca Anchor No 3 - 9Kg Galvanised - Suits Most Boats 6-7.5M - 1.5-2 Tons SP4060 (Super Sarca 3)
Online Price: POA