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HI-SPEC 3000 12 plait (UHMWPE)

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Product Description

HiSpec 3000

12 Plait (UHMWPE) Fibre with a Polyurethane Coating.

High-strength, low-stretch rope
Hi Spec has strength comparable to steel cable
Floats on water
It is commonly used to replace steel cable when weight is an issue.
It also makes an excellent material for winch cables


3mm. x 100mts. -- 750kg. b/s (breaking strain) $135.00
4mm. x 100mts. --1,550kg.. b/s-- $240.00
5mm. x 100mts. --2,050kg. b/s -- $330.00
6mm. x 100mts. --3,750kg. b/s-- $390.00
8mm. x 100mts. --5,300kg. b/s --$720.00
10 mm. x 100mts. --8,200kg. b/s --$787.50

Grey Only
11mm. x 50mts. min --11,000kg. b/s -- $9.75. per mt.
12mm. x 50mts. min --13,000kg. b/s --$12.00 per mt.

NOTE. Rope can be cut to order