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Per Mt. 8mm Gal. Anchor Chain,Short Link

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Product Description

8mm Short Link Galvanised Anchor Chain.

--HDG or AISI 316:
This refers to whether the chain is hot dipped galvanized (HDG) or made from marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316). HDG is the most common form of chain for anchoring using a gypsy or windlass. Stainless steel is prohibitively expensive yet looks beautiful when matched with a stainless anchor. The downside of stainless chain is it becomes brittle over time, when immersed in salt water. It is essential to periodically wash your chain locker and chain in fresh water. The more frequent the better.

--Wire Size:
This is the diameter of the wire used to manufacture the link of chain. This then becomes the size of the chain for example 8mm, 10mm etc

--Short Link:
This describes the type of chain. Short link is the preferred type of chain of marine gypsies and windlasses. It refers to shape and the pitch size (see below). That is, narrower in length than standard chain.


6mm Weight per metre: 0.93Kg, Length: 30.9mm, Width: 21.5mm, Pitch: 18.9mm
8mm Weight per metre: 1.49Kg, Length: 40.0mm, Width: 27.5mm, Pitch: 24.0mm
10mm Weight per metre: 2.33Kg, Length: 49.5mm, Width: 33.5, Pitch 29.5mm



Australian standard 2321 sized, hot dipped galvanised, short link chain. Suitable for use with most anchor winches and all chain anchor lines. Manufacturers grade 'L' certificate available. Sold per metre and by the drum (sold by weight, lengths are approximate).
Bell Marine chain is hot dipped galvanized and is specifically designed for anchoring systems as apposed to normal gal chain.
Our short link chain (available in 6 & 8mm) gives you the extra weight required to hold bottom and works perfectly in all winches including capstan style winches.

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