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SKICRAFT Ski Boat Project

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Product Description

The price listed is firm.

SELL LESS MOTOR FOR $2200 on tandem trailer etc.

A great project boat as fibreglass is in very good condition and original gelcoat.
Brown look on deck and transom is a wood grain look Skicraft used to do.
Boat requires new engine bearers and floor.
The restoration has been started by Precision Marine and now decided to sell owing to the time to complete.
Most if not all parts are there for completing.


16'4" long


-Very good 308ci. Holden and ready for installation.( believed recoed can hear running extra $3800.00 )
-Dog clutch.
-Good seats.
-Trailer is serviceable with minor work and painting required.
- Fibreglass side pockets.
-Precision Marine can supply any guidance required to the new buyer in the restoration if required.