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Merlin Mirage Inboard Ski Boat

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Product Description

Merlin Mirage 16" ski boat
Built around early 70's
Solid fibreglass boat ready for refit.
It requires a lot of TLC but still a great PROJECT boat
Had a V8 in it last time however would suit a 6 cyl. as well.
Some fit-out parts included.
Trailer C section no structural rust, brakes front wheels, winch


The trailer is a C section construction which is best as they don't have rusting problems.
Framework is good. A light board needs fitting and then ready for rego. Brakes don't work however not needed owing to date of manufacture.
I bought this boat to reclaim fittings off it which still to be had before l sell it as l can use them elsewhere.
The hull and deck require a complete sand back and repainting to make it look good.
The fibreglass is all okay. The floor is soft therefore either timber replacement or add more glass to the existing to regain strength. Bearers and transom appear okay. Engine hatch has been hacked around a bit however repairable.
No seats, fuel tank. The hull has had the cross over behind the bench seat removed to allow for 2 front bucket seats to be installed and give more access to the driving position. Dash gauges are incomplete as you would expect from reclaimed boat.
The items l would like to keep are rudder. rudder stays, exhaust outlets. tiller box and prop.
Photos have been taken without any clean-out of pine needles and dirt therefore they are at their worst.
The trailer with a paint would make the value l am thinking of.