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EDDY built Wooden Ski Boat

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Product Description

Original Jack Eddy built ply clinker ski boat.

Photo (CINDY) taken when last in ski boat use many years ago.
Been in storage for last 30 years and in good condition for it's age.

Bought to restore but now realize l have to many projects for my age and no time to use what l already have. This boat is stuctually in as good as you will find suitable for easy restoration.

Recent photos have been taken showing condition and area requiring repair.

Very solid boat with all original parts as per photos.


-MOTOR 292ci. V8
-Dry sump.
-Direct drive
-Complete drive line
Built around 1955

Below is an answer ( that l stand by ) that l gave to a interested person about this boat.

Robyn, haven't tried to turn the motor over however l expect it will. As you may know any unrestored wooden boat you buy at the best will require full deck ply replacement including motor cover which means all timber that the sun shines down on.
All seating normally requires replacement owing to age and the elements of the weather. All the timber framing in the hull is very sound and not requiring repairs or replacement.
The transom is sound however the exterior ply sheeting requires replacement as with the timber on the cav plate.
There is 3 or 4 planks at the right hand side rear near the top requires about 600mm long replaced.
The hull appears overall very sound and waterproof and as most hulls are painted the repairs are not a problem or noticeable.
There is probably a few aspects of the boat that requires attention that l haven't included or noticed.
The Jack Eddy hulls have a very good name with collectors as the were a popular race and social ski boat.
It is extremely hard to find complete boats on the market today to restore.
I am by trade a qualified carpenter and joiner with 50 years experience and bought this boat to restore and keep for myself but with age and too many other projects l have decided to sell it at this very fair price.
Regards Bob