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Loaned--Exhaust Manifolds

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Product Description

We at Precision Marine are here to help the boat owner owing to new manifold shortage in Australia

R&M Precision Marine as a goodwill gesture will supply on free loan of used manifolds to help out boat owners to use and get their boat back in the water short term.
The receiver is to pay all freight costs to and from R&M Precision Marine at 49 Hammond St. Hamilton Vic 3300

Loan out agreement below.

We can supply used alloy log type exhaust manifolds of many brands in working condition.to tie over until new manifolds become available

A deposit of $800 plus freight is part payment of new ROLCO branded manifolds and is required at the time of dispatching the used manifolds.

We request a large deposit which will go towards the cost of new manifolds when available.and to assure us the return of our loaned manifolds
If the receiver elects to not send the used manifold back, the original deposit for new manifolds will be forfeited, and the transaction will be finalized.

Warning is to NOT keep using leaking manifolds as it may destroy your complete engine through hydraulics as water doesn't compress.

The customer is requested to pay all freighting costs..


Manifold Agreement.