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CompuQuad 4B Propellers

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Product Description

Speed * Thrust * Smoothness * this Propeller's got the lot!
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The ideal propeller for your pleasure or commercial boat. After extensive research and development, using our sophisticated CAD/CAM equipment, this CompuQuad four blade design has been developed to achieve a top end speed comparable to three blade styles while at the same time enhancing all of the traditional smoothness and efficiency characteristics of a four blade propeller.

CompuQuad propellers are produced from fully CNC machined patterns ensuring the geometric accuracy and quality of the finished product is exceptional.
The larger blade area of this range reduces slip and cavitation, provides rapid acceleration, superior mid RPM range performance, exceptional all round efficiency and outstanding reverse thrust.
However, the single most impressive feature of the CompuQuad is its smoothness of operation.
This has to be experienced to be believed.

CompuQuad 4B propellers are available from 14" to 52" diameter, in both right and left hand rotation and in an extensive range of pitch sizes.


Design Features:
-- CAD/CAM computer developed
-- Large blades for efficiency
-- Varying pitch distribution
-- Patterns fully CNC machined
-- Disc Area Ratio = 0.80 maximum
-- Better for restricted aperture
-- Electronically balanced
-- Individually pitchometer checked
-- Cast in Nibral
-- Super Cup design also available

Performance Advantages
-- Exceptional reverse thrust and smoothness
-- Outstanding load carrying capability
-- Lower RPM planing – true fuel efficiency
-- Superior performance in adverse conditions
-- Rapid acceleration across full RPM range
-- The ultimate in smooth operation

Pricing as from 11-10-21