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Exhaust S Bends Polished Alloy

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Product Description

Highly polished alloy 2.5" S bends to suit V8 / V6, 4 bolt manifolds.
Price is for S bends only.per pair.




2,5" diam.


The Rolco S bends are a alternative to s/s metal bends and other types of exhaust outlets.

For under-floor engine piping.

Long lasting polished Alloy.

Tight bends to fit under hatch cover

No welding required.

-MF65-AL Exhaust "S" Bends

Extras that may be required.
-MF9...Polished alloy half clamps, 4 only $44
-MF2...Manifold gaskets, 2 only $18
-HM 20P...Hose barb-- 1/2"Hose to 1/2" barb @ $25

Pricing as from 11-10-21