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Alloy Spray Rails

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Product Description

Polished alloy spray rails that suits most boats to improve overall handling.


580mm long
80mm wide
45mm mounting base


One size fits all.

Especially suited for most flat bottom style boats.

-Improves acceleration..

-Stabilizes straight line driveability.

-Decreases roll up on corners.

-Corrects many other annoying handling issues.
A report to a customer from Bob at PRECISION MARINE
l believe that all older style clinker boats should have then fitted to improve safety and handling.
All of the popular Nankervis built boats had them fitted as standard and l fitted them to my Skicraft clinker that l still own from new.
You may note that most of the old timber boats made had something very similar on the sides.
I have fitted dozens over the years with a 100% success rate.
The spray rails increase straight line stability, reduces hull leaning when cornering and corrects vague turning to the left if you have a RH prop.
l have used then on a Stephens race boat after it rocked up on its side at high speed unannounced on flat water while l was going straight.
After fitting the rails it never again did this to me.
To reduce costs l make and sell the similar shape manufactured from plate aluminium for $115.00 plus freight.
Alloy spray rail, polished. $275.00 plus freight
Regards Bob

Pricing as from 11-10-21