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Wake Chaser

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$2,695.00 $2,596.00

Product Description

New for the Wakesurfer. with $100 off rrp.

Discount for 2 units left & right at $4490
Huge asset for board riders to have fitted to your wake tower
Boat user can control the distance for the wakesurfer, kneeboarder or wakeboarder from the boat to achieve the sweet spot out the back.


Adjusting rope lengths for different users can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity for the boat operators and riders.
With the new Wakechaser®, adjustments can be made on-the-water to suit any rider, making it easier to change riders and change rope length when individual riders are chasing a wake or perfecting a trick.

The Wakechaser® is also designed to solve the issue of manual rope pull-in and tangled rope in the boat while on the water.
The fully automated remote-controlled winch mechanism simplifies this task for riders, boat operators and observers.

Product Features:
• Wireless remote controlled on the water rope adjustments in seconds, optimizing finding and riding the sweet-spot of the wake.
• Eliminates manual rope pull-in and tangled rope in the boat, with a fully automated winch mechanism
• Stainless casing polished or powder coated black or colour of choice
• Top mount or under mount, brackets supplied
• Retrofits to any tower
• Comes completely wired with control box and remote control.


The Wakechaser® is available as an under mount or top mount on the tower and we also make left and right units for both.

For further information contact us at Precision Marine and we can explain the workings.
We at Precision Marine will supply Australia wide.

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