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Boat Latch Launch & Retrieve

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Product Description

Why the Boat Latch is the Best Option.
The advertised price is for the latch to suit up to 6mt. boats.
The heavy duty model suits boats above 6mts.in length
Price $543

Don't need to drill holes in your fibreglass boat ....
or weld your aluminium boat.
Robust ...
Made from Marine 316 Grade Stainless Steel.
No strings, wires or electronics..it's automatic.
Simple and easy to use & to fit.

It allows you to ......
Get out in your boat more often.
Keeps your partner safe, dry and happy.
Take the boat out by yourself.


Start the motor and ease the boat
forward 20mm (3/4").
The spring loaded catch will then pull the Latch out of the way.
The boat is released allowing it to be launched.
Reverse or glide off the trailer.
Now switch selector lever to the launch position.
Release safety chain and release winch hook.

The boat and trailer are reversed into the
water to a depth where the boat must
be unable to float off the trailer.
Back roller/slides about 50 mm (2") under water.
The latch is holding the bow of the boat,
and there is resistance from rollers/slides to movement.
At the water's edge set latch to retrieve position.
Ease the boat back using the winch until the Snare is engaged by the latch.

Using the Product

- The Latch is holding the bow of the boat. The boat must be unable to float off the boat
trailer. There should be resistance from rollers/slides.
Back rollers/slides should be about 50 mm ( 2" ) under water.

Pricing as from 11-10-21

Additional Product Information

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