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Is your Boat Over Heating ? -- testing water problems

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Product Description

Have your over heating problems solved
at Precision Marine.

We now do in house testing with our simulated boat testing system.

Testing and repairs of all common water pumps and parts.

Quite often it will take more than a new impeller to correct your over heating issues.

The last 4 images here is showing a new pump.
Also with the impeller uninstalled and installed correctly.
If blades are hard and bent over when removed then they require replacement.


Is your inboard boat motor running hot?
We can now problem solve the many aspects that can cause this problem.

Testing and diagnose your water pump issues:

Final results in writing supplied from our testing

Our check list comprises.

Testing done at pump operating @ 1500rpm.

Flow rate per minute @ 1500rpm.

Lifting head of water.js at 800mm.

Thermo control unit testing.on Rolco or MCE units

Thermostat operation at different simulated motor running temperatures

We can carry out required repairs if any, with permission from the owner.

We guarantee our final testing to be correct along with any requested repairs.

This will then clarify the external water system problems eliminating any issue of the parts we test.

We can supply a fault finding list of the many other possibilities in the average inboard motor that can cause over-heating.

After all this your overheating problems should be fixed..

Obtain more info on water pumps by looking at our other page referring to your water pump checking.