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Winch Problem Solving

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Owing to anchor winch owners or repairers contacting us from around Aust. with winch issues it prompted us here at Precision Marine to highlight some of the common griefs. If owners abide by the supplied instruction manual most of the problems would never occur. Rope is a important part of winching and we endorse using medium lay nylon. Many owners get sold the wrong grade of nylon and have the rope getting caught on anchor retrieval. They may pay a little less money purchasing a nylon rope only to find it to soft. Some use much cheaper silver rope (polyethylene) however it hasn't the stretch qualities of good grade nylon.
Winch owners should only use the short link type chain as set out in the manual.
Another important factor is maintaining enough space between the winch and the anchor line (rode) when all in the anchor well.
Many owners l talk to admit to never tying off the anchor line off when laying at anchor. If the water is rough extra strain is exerted on the toque limiter that is fitted inside the gypsy and in turn drives the gypsy (in winches sold after about 2012} This part acts like a clutch and takes a sudden jar of the winch and protecting the internals. If it hesitates while retrieving the anchor most time this can be reset by tightening the large nut slightly just behind the shiny cover on the gypsy.


The photos for this page firstly show the right chain fitting the gypsy, torque limiter, faulty nylon rope and nylon gypsy comparison.

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