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South Pacific VN 600 Virtical Anchor Winch

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Product Description

NOTICE: Out of stock until further notice.
Vertical Windlasses suit up to 8.4mt. boats
VN600 nylon base.
Freight $30 Aust wide.

Efficient spur gear box provide high output torque with low current draw, can reduce up to 40% of power consumption.
Compact one-piece unit for simple installation and fit any thickness of deck.
A torque limiter or buffer gear built-in can absorb sudden impact to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability.
Marine grade nylon in use to ensure corrosion resistance.
Crank for manual retrieval capable.


VN600 Composite base


- Operating Voltage : 12V DC only
- Max. Working Load : 300kg(660lb)
- Typical Working Load : 55kg(120lb)
- Retrieval Speed : 20m(67ft)/min
- Pay-Out Speed : 25m(83ft)/min
- Current Draw (Typical) : 22 A
- Motor Type / Efficiency : permanent magnet / 75 %
- Motor Wattage I/O : 800/350 W
- Gear Type / Efficiency : spur gear / 92%~98%
- Weight : 5kg(11lb) ~ 9.5kg(21lb)
- Suit Chain Size : 6, 7, 8mm DIN766, 1/4", 5/16" G4 HT (selectable)
- Suit Rope Size : 12, 14mm (selectable)
- Suit Deck Thickness : 3mm~60mm

Stainless steel Gypsy takes both rope and chain.
Capstan and Gypsy are able to be operated separately.
Efficient spur gears, low current draw, high output power.
A torque limiter to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability..
Efficient heavy duty DC motor produce less heat.
Manual retrieval handle bar included.
Compact one-piece unit for easy installation.
Manual retrieval capable.

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