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South Pacific WA / WN / WS - Virtical Series

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Product Description


Improved self-locking worm gear box provide high stress capacity also can reduce up to 15% of power consumption, A torque limiter built-in can absorb sudden impact to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability. Marine grade aluminum alloy in use to ensure corrosion resistance. Motor can be installed in eight horizontal positions. Crank for manual retrieval capable. Suit deck thickness from 4mm ~ 45mm

WN700: Nylon base
WA700: Aluminum alloy base,
WA700C: With capstan
WS700C: With capstan
WS700: Solid stainless steel base,
WA700: Aluminum alloy base,
WA700C: With capstan

Our Discounted Prices.
WN700 $799.00 ( the advertised price at the top )
WA700 $849.00
WA1100 $1165.00
WS700 $1260.00
WS1100 $1570.00

All above winches are plus freight Aust wide $30.00
Specifications are shown in the images.

3 years warranty.


W700 series suit boats from 5.4~9m (18~30ft) or handle up to 13.6kg (30lb) of anchor

W1500 series suit boats from 12~18m (40~60ft) or handle up to 27kg (60lb) of anchor

Solenoid, up/down switch, Circuit breaker, Hardware, Template, User manual

SPECIFICATION W700 series W1100 series W1500 series

Suit boat size 5.4~9M 8.4~12.6M 12~18M
Operating voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12 / 24V DC
Max. working load 318kg 500kg 680kg
Typical working load 55kg 85kg 120kg
Retrieval speed 22m 20m 20m
Pay-out speed 27m 24m 22m
Current draw(typical) 40amp 65amp 90 / 45amp
Current draw(max.) 230amp 320amp 440 / 220amp
Weight 7.7~10kg 9~12kg 16~18kg

Additional Product Information

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