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South Pacific VA600C Virtical Anchor Winch

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$1,150.00 $839.00

Product Description

Vertical Windlass VA600C (alloy base)
PRO V600 series suit boats from 5.4~9m (18~30ft) or handle up to 13.6kg (30lb) of anchor.
Freight $28 Aust. wide.

Efficient spur gear box provide high output torque with low current draw, can reduce up to 40% of power consumption. Compact one-piece unit for simple installation and fit any thickness of deck. A torque limiter or buffer gear built-in can absorb sudden impact to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability. Marine grade aluminum alloy in use to ensure corrosion resistance. Crank for manual retrieval capable.
The metal gearbox, heavy duty DC motor and base have been designed into one, with no separate parts for strong structure and easy installation..The VA600C is made of a marine-grade aluminium alloy with a powder coated finish to ensure corrosion resistance. Finally the VS600, our top-of-the-line model with all above deck parts made of polished 316 stainless steel.


- Operating Voltage : 12V DC only
- Max. Working Load : 300kg(660lb)
- Typical Working Load : 55kg(120lb)
- Retrieval Speed : 20m(67ft)/min
- Pay-Out Speed : 25m(83ft)/min
- Current Draw (Typical) : 22 A
- Motor Type / Efficiency : permanent magnet / 75 %
- Motor Wattage I/O : 800/350 W
- Gear Type / Efficiency : spur gear / 92%~98%
- Weight : 5kg(11lb) ~ 9.5kg(21lb)
- Suit Chain Size : 6, 7, 8mm DIN766, 1/4", 5/16" G4 HT (selectable)
- Suit Rope Size : 12, 14mm (selectable)
- Suit Deck Thickness : 3mm~60mm

Stainless steel Gypsy takes both rope and chain.
Capstan and Gypsy are able to be operated separately.
Efficient spur gears, low current draw, high output power.
A torque limiter to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability..
Efficient heavy duty DC motor produce less heat.
Manual retrieval handle bar included.
Compact one-piece unit for easy installation.
Manual retrieval capable.

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