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South Pacific 900M - Horizontal Pro 900 Series - Suits Boats to 13.5mts.,

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Product Description

PRO 900M free fall

South Pacific's PRO 800 series are a perfect choice for those with boats between 6m ~ 9m and would like to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free and safe anchoring. With a maximum working load of 275kg and swift retrieval speeds, it's sure to do the job next time your out boating.

It comes with a standard stainless steel gypsy, which takes both rope and chain, ideal for customization to your individual needs. The electric brake on the gypsy enables you to terminate the anchor fall at any time and hold the anchor.
With new attributes such as the built-in torque limiter and additional stainless steel parts, it proves to provide smoother and more reliable operation. Enjoy the benefits of effortless and safe anchoring, the PRO 800 series is definitely an essential feature of your boat!

900E (Express) suit boats from 8.4~10.5m (28~35ft) or handle up to 14.5kg (32lb) of anchor

900M (Mighty) suit boats from 8.4~13.5m (28~45ft) or handle up to 20.4kg (45lb) of anchor

The 900 series have been developed using up-to-date technology and ideals, with efficient spur gears instead of traditional worm gears which can reduce of 30%~50% of motor power consumption. The stainless steel Gypsy takes both rope and chain. The tremendous lifting capacity and fast retrieval speed are provided by a heavy duty DC motor and a heat radiating system allow it to prevent motor overheating.

Our Special Price
900Mighty $1245.00
Freight $28.00 to most places.

3 years warranty.


Up/down switch, Solenoid, Circuit breaker, hardware
Template, User manual


Up/down switch, Solenoid, Circuit breaker, hardware
Template, User manual

-- Operating Voltage : 12V DC only
-- Max Working Load : 320 kg (700lb)
-- Typical Working Load : 60 kg (132 lb)
-- Retrieval Speed : 30 m(100ft)/min
-- Pay-Out Speed : free fall or 36 m/min (120 ft/min)
-- Current Draw (Typical) : 32 amp(12V)
-- Motor Type / Efficiency : permanent magnet / 82 %
-- Motor Wattage I/O : 1100W / 450W
-- Gear Type / Efficiency : spur gear / 92%~98%
-- Dimension (LxWxH) : 304 mm x 197 mm x 153mm
-- Weight : 9.2 kg (20.4lb)
-- Suit Chain Size : 6, 7, 8mm DIN766, 1/4", 5/16" G4 HT (selectable)
-- Suit Rope Size : 12, 14mm (selectable)
-- Suit Deck Thickness : 3mm~60mm

-- Max Working Load : 500 kg (1100lb)
-- Typical Working Load : 90 kg (200lb)
-- Retrieval Speed : 18 m(60ft)/min
-- Pay-Out Speed : free fall or 19 m/min (63 ft/min)

-- Efficient spur gears, low current draw, high output power
-- Efficient heavy duty DC motor produce less heat
-- Stainless steel Gypsy takes both rope and chain
-- A torque limiter to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability
-- Switch controls automatic free fall
-- Selectable free fall or power out mode
-- Compact one-piece housing ensure water resistance
-- Simple deck mounting with no under deck parts

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