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South Pacific 710F Winch - Pro 710 Series - Boats to 6mts.

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Product Description

Our Discounted Retail Prices:

710F (free fall or power out,nylon gypsy)...$49800
710FS (free fall or power out, S/Steel gypsy)... $598.00
NOTE: Advertised price is for the 710F model.

Horizontal Windlasses POWER SAVING

Efficient spur gear box(ex. 710) provide high output torque with low current draw, can reduce up to 40% of power consumption.
Compact one-piece unit with no parts under deck for simple installation and fit any thickness of deck.
A torque limiter built-in can absorb sudden impact to deliver smoother operation and greater reliability.
Switch control free fall function for quick releasing the anchor on free fall models.

The 710 series are specially designed for smaller size boats, with a compact, easy operating and easy to install by yourself.

The durable nylon or stainless steel gypsy runs both rope and chain smoothly.

Note. The label on the winch won't have the letter "S" on it anytime.The stainless gypsy part number stamped on it is R0014-0 All winches are white in colour.

The 710F are fitted with a durable nylon gypsy ideal for occasional use.
If used often consider stainless steel gypsy.
User can change to a new nylon or stainless steel gypsy at anytime.
South Pacific's flag ship model, the Pro 710 series, is the only anchor windlass for boats under 6 mts...
With a maximum working load of 120kg and swift retrieval speed, is sure to make anchoring hassle-free and safe.
Power out model v dual function free fall model

NOTE: The dual free fall option ( F or FS model) allows you to select between the power out and free fall functions.There is a large nylon screw on the right hand side of the winch that by turning it allows you to access either freefall or power out.
Nylon gypsy vs stainless steel gypsy

This depends on the frequency of use.

If you will not be using your windlass frequently, we suggest the nylon gypsy.
If you will be using your windlass frequently, we recommend the stainless steel gypsy.

NB. It is recommended especially with the nylon gypsy that you tie off the anchor when traveling over water and on road as the vibration and drag of the anchor causes the gypsy and torque limiter to wear prematurely.

Our gypsies are capable of taking both rope and chain.

The Pro 710 series are our most popular models, catering for every budget and boating needs.

3 years warranty.


710 series suit boats from 4.5~6m(15~20 ft)

- Handle anchor size -- Up to 6.8 kgs (15 lb)
- Input Voltage -- 12V DC
- Maximum working load -- 120kg (265lb)
- Typical Working Load -- 20kg (45lb)
- Retrieval Speed -- 17m (57ft)/min.
- Pay-out Speed -- 22m (73ft)/min. / Free Fall
- Continuous working time -- 15 min.
- Current Draw -- 12Amp
- Motor Type -- Permanent magnet
- Motor Wattage I/O -- 700W/300W

- Weight -- 4.0kg (8.8lb), 4.3kg (9.5lb)

- 230mm x 120mm x 135mts.

Chain -- 6mm Short-link

Rope -- 12mm Premium nylon three strand, medium lay.
Some Silver Rope can be used with success.
Additional Product Information

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Additional Product Information

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