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Alloy Boat Fitment Kit to Suit VIPER Winch Installations

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Product Description

Part No. 30021-A
As the production of alloy boats increases, more and more winches are being fitted to aluminum run about and Pro Series boats.
The two (2) biggest problems with fitting a full stainless steel winch or any stainless fitting to an aluminum boats is the reaction between the 2 different metals in a salt water environment.
The second issue is, if there is a 12V power supply to the equipment you are fitting and unless you are 100% sure you have insulated all stainless steel from your aluminum hull, deck or dash, electrolysis will eat everything away, from the leg of your outboard to the aluminum your boat is constructed from. There is also the risk of your hull having a live 12V power supply continually running through it which will cause all sorts of drama’s with electronics which could be very expensive to fix.
The Alloy fitment kit includes 2 HD plastic winch sandwich plates, anchor roller insulation,