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z Nylon Rope - 12MM.

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Product Description

3-Strand Twisted White Nylon Rope.
Medium Laid 12mm. nylon rope, suitable for anchor winches.
Above price is for 50mts.



Nylon rope is the strongest of all common use ropes.
It is carries excellent working qualities and has superior shock absorbency.
When stretched it has a "memory" for returning to its original length.

Nylon last 4-5 times longer than natural fibers because it has good abrasion resistance and is not damaged by oil or most chemicals.
Nylon rope has good resistance to deterioration from sunlight, and is mildew resistant.


Premium grade medium lay nylon.
Suitable for anchor winches.
12mm x 50mts........... $125
12mm x 100mts......... $250
12mm x 200mts......... $490


-4 Stage Construction.
-Strong, balanced and shock absorbent.
-Resistant to abrasion, mildew and marine growth.
-Color: natural white.
- Med. lay 12mm.