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Island Inflatables

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Product Description

Outboard Motors, Inflatable Boats, Parsun Outboards

With leading design and traditional construction methods of inflatable boats Australia, we produce an extensive range of high quality cheap inflatable boats, complete with a 3 year guarantee.

All IA inflatable boats for sale feature a patented, reinforced, high pressure air deck and deep ā€œVā€ Inflatable keel (*) for strength, stability and excellent seaworthiness. The IW models sport smart, durable, non-slip Marine Wood flooring.

The range includes 2m, 2.3m, 2.6m, 2.9m, preferred as tenders, 3.3m, 3.65m, 3.85m, 4.3m for recreational, diving and watersports users and the somewhat unique 5.6m which is ideal for professional and commercial users.

As an inflatable boat dealer, all Island Inflatables boats are fully compliant CE category use and are manufactured using the strongest 1100 Decitex fabric.

Comprehensive package including all accessories as follows:

Pair of Aluminium Oars Inflation Pump Repair Kit Carry Bag

All inflatable boats carry a 3 year warranty.