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Water Pump #18 Crank Driven

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Product Description

Jabsco 50410-1201 Engine Cooling Water Pump

Jabsco Engine Cooling Water Pump 50410 Series (was 23800, 22110 series). Bronze pump body. The 23800-series will retrofit crank driven pumps on Volvo, Indmar and marine power engines, & others utilizing the Chevrolet & Ford small and big block engines whether the stock pump is Jabsco model 22740-series, or Johnson pump type F5B-9 or F6B-9. The volvo pump No. 855722 on small block engines is replaced by the Jabsco 23800-0251 half cam model, & the Volvo pump No. 856513 on big block engines is replaced by the Jabsco 23800-0201 full cam model. On other marinized engines that use Chevrolet and Ford engines equipped with Johnson pumps, the Jabsco model 23800-0251 half cam pump replaces the Johnson model F5B-9 and the Jabsco 23800-0201 full cam pump replaces the Johnson model F6B-9. If replacing the Jabsco pump 22740-Series (equipped w/ aluminum bearing housing) with the 23800-Series (equipped with cast iron bearing housing), it is necessary to replace the three 2-3/4" long socket head cap screws (studs in early model Volvo engines) that secure the pump to the vibration dampener with 3/8-24 x 3/4" long cap head screws. NOTE:Replaces 22110-0201 & 23800-0201 Bronze Body Neoprene Impeller Wearplate Non Fitted Bearings single row, ball type Port Type 1 1/4" Hose Barb. Flow rate: Nominal 53 Litres/min (14 US gallons/min) at 1500rpm Self-priming from dry up to 2.4m (7.8ft)Constructed from marine quality bronze and stainless steel for ruggedness and reliability.